Free Printable – Eid Mubarak Card

Hi…. I’m here.

It’s been so long since my last freebie. Well, I’m kind of busy (to play around) :lol: and I suffered from an internet disaster. My favorite ISP is currently maintaining their new networks and the connection turns out to be veeeeeeeeery slow ( imagine a sleepy snail walking in a dry desert ). Well, forget it. It’s Ramadan anyway, therefore I have to preserve my patience.

Ummm, it’s kind of late but I still want to greet everyone. Ramadan Mubarak for all Muslims!!! Happy fasting! How’s your Ramadan this year? I hope everything goes well and we get huge blessings from The Almighty. Ameen. This is a holy season therefore I am going to do some good deeds i.e. by sharing this (cute)  printable Eid Mubarak card. Here’s the preview

Free Printable Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards

Free Printable Eid Mubarak Greeting Cards

The card size is 5×7 inches in a .pdf format. Instructions are included within the download. There are two versions inside. Well, I know  it’s too early to share an Eid Mubarak Card, but better early than never isn’t it? :lol:

I also added some of my books wishlist for Eid here (in case you want to send me some gift :lol:)

Book Wishlist

My Book Wishlist

The road to Mecca by Mohammad Assad and Even Angel Ask by Jeffrey Lang. Both are (supposedly) well-written memoirs because they got 4++ stars rating in; So I want to give them a try. In my opinion, If you want to send your family/friends some Eid gifts, I suggest to send them books instead of cookies/foods. This might sound very boring but Muslim and book are destined to stick together.  Iqra (read) was a very first command from Allah, so don’t run away from your books. :lol:

Finally here’s the download link for this Eid card

Free Printable Eid Mubarak Card

I hope you like it. Don’t forget to leave your pretty footprints and share this post to everyone.



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